MovNatJust back from a wonderful weekend spent outdoors on Hampstead Heath with an organisation called MovNat (pronounced “Move Nat”, from the French, Movement Naturel). I went on this course are part of my on-going quest to rediscover movement in the way Nature intended. MovNat is all about re-discovering natural human movements to improve our health, our strength, our well-being, and our enjoyment of life. These are movements that we all used to do instinctively, but which we’ve largely forgotten and mostly lost the ability to do. I’m talking about balancing, jumping, running efficiently, squatting, climbing, and much more.

MovNat Breaking MuscleI often think that part of my role as an osteopath is to encourage and enable people to move better.

Good health depends on movement – in fact, it is impossible to be healthy if you don’t move. Dwell on that a moment: it is impossible to be healthy if you don’t move! But we’ve largely forgotten how to move. There’s a tendency to think we can’t do things because we’re getting old, or we’re just too stiff. (You can only start where you are.) Ignore these voices. Movement should be part of everyday life, rather than something we just do at a yoga class, or at Pilates, or in the gym.

The 2-day workshop was run by Ben Medder (MovNat trainer), who makes all movement look ridiculously easy.

Every cell in the body is in a constant state of movement, every molecule and every atom…in fact, nothing is ever still. Happy and healthy cells need us to move.