Osteopathy for pain relief, improved mobility, health and well-being

About Sutton Osteopathy

Sutton Osteopathy has been based at The Sutton Coldfield Health Clinic on While Road serving the community since 2008, during which time we have built up a reputation for providing excellent care.

Osteopathy is widely known as being extremely effective in treating back and neck pain – less well known is that in a typical week most osteopaths will help people with:

headaches & migraines prevention, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, sports injuries (minor), digestion and circulatory problems, arthritic pain, etc…

Some people have long-term conditions (such as osteoarthritis), some may be in acute pain and have difficulties turning their head or standing up straight, while others see osteopaths for help in dealing with work-related or postural stress.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, taking the time to explain to people what the problem seems to be, and whether we think we can help.

Our aim at Sutton Osteopathy is to help reduce pain, improve health, and assist people to overcome problems that are might be stopping them from fully participating in life.

0076 cropOsteopathy treatment is gentle and effective. The NHS employs osteopaths, and we get referrals from GPs. At Sutton Osteopathy we see people from all walks of life, including office workers, gardeners, medical doctors, nurses, accountants, farmers, mechanics etc…

Osteopathy is a hands-on, drug-free and surgery-free approach to health which emphasises improved movement of the body. Lots of things affect the way the body moves, including joints and soft-tissues (e.g. muscles), but also the rib cage and internal organs. We advocate exercises, such as improved breathing, stretching and exercise.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to discuss whether osteopathy is likely to be suitable for you, or whether it would be best for you to see another professional, such as your GP.

To book an appointment please ring 01213547306 or text 07805208225

All osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Peter Andrews’ GOsC registration number is 7081.

GOsC I'm Registered Mark 7081


  • My GP prescribed painkillers for my lower back pain after eliminating specific causes by blood tests. I was sceptical about my wife’s suggestion to visit an osteopath but after just one consultation with Peter Andrews I could feel the difference. In truth the proof of effective treatment is the absence of pain but there are other substantial benefits. To have someone who shows a genuine interest in his patients and who takes time to get to know them has its own therapeutic value. After 30 affable minutes with Peter the body feels toned and the mind enlightened-and all excellent value into the bargain. I attend for maintenance sessions every couple of months and other latent problems such as restricted shoulder movement have been put right. The treatment has enabled me to continue to enjoy walking, running and swimming and playing with the grandchildren.

    PeterRetired Head Teacher
  • I was recommended to visit Pete by my doctor as I had been suffering frequent migraines that were not helped by various medicines. I was having a migraine on average every 3 weeks. Since being treated I very rarely have a migraine now.

    GillRetired Teacher
  • As a long term chronic asthmatic I sought treatment with Pete for back ache caused by my long term breathing issues. Pete not only helped my back ache but his treatment has significantly improved my breathing (lung capacity). I now have better control of my asthma because of this.

    RDog Walker
  • I would like to say that I have been delighted with Osteopathy and have a lot of faith in it, and have been amazed at the vast problems that can be resolved, I had a problem with my leg and I absolutely feel sure if I had gone to the Doctor I would have been given pain killers and anti inflammatory, not an option for me......after 3 sessions of osteopathy I was back to normal, thank you.

  • I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinsons Disease about ten years ago and suffer from some fairly common, but still painful and debilitating muscle and joint pain as a result! Pete was recommended to me by a friend as 'someone I really should speak to...' about what he could do to help reduce the discomfort and enhance my mobility. I'm so glad I took that advice! Pete has a pragmatic response and an empathetic demeanour that immediately puts you at ease and the treatment itself has been great - I'm noticeably more mobile & feel so much better in myself! Thanks Pete!

  • I have visited Pete of Sutton Osteopathy for a range of back and neck conditions. He has always been highly attentive, thorough in his assessment and helpful with the treatment. I have experienced many years of chiropractic treatment but found osteopathy to be a gentler, more holistic approach with longer term benefits and reduced recurrence rates. I consider Pete to be wise in his knowledge of physiology and have always felt I am in safe and capable hands.

  • After years of disturbed sleep with painful neck and shoulders in the morning, I was recommended to try the COMPLETE SLEEPRRR Pillow. After trying dozens of other pillows I was a little sceptical. Wow! what a difference. It offers the perfect support when reading but when I settle down it supports my head perfectly, no more stiff neck or tight shoulders, I only wish I had found it before 🙁 I can't recommend it highly enough.

    LDARunning Instructor
  • I have seen Pete for several problems including Piriformis (glute muscle) pain and golfer's elbow and he has helped me a lot. I love his extremely thorough and holistic approach. He is very knowledgeable and a very nice man too. Would recommend him highly.

    DeborahFitness and running coach
  • Pete Andrews at Sutton Osteopathy has treated me for long term problems created by playing the violin. He's worked on neck & shoulder problems, lessening pain & increasing movement for which I’m very grateful. I broke my left arm 18 months ago & had to have keyhole surgery to enable me to play my violin. My sessions with Pete have helped enormously to get me back to playing again.

  • I visited the osteopath because I was in pain in my arm, shoulder & back and the treatment stopped the pain and also generally made me feel years younger.

  • I began seeing Pete following a serious accident in 2010. Pete started working alongside other medical professionals to complement the care and treatment I was being offered. As well as traditional osteopathic techniques Pete also uses cranial osteopathy to good effect. I have always found him to be caring, compassionate and professional in all my dealings with him. Where he has come across something outside of his experience he has not hesitated to consult colleagues – even referring me on in one instance. Since my recovery I have continued to use Pete for back pain, tennis elbow and tendinitis of the wrist – all of which are occupational hazards. Where nearly all other jam makers I know struggle with the long-term consequences of the above conditions, I am confident that Pete’s treatment means I will have none. I cannot recommend Pete highly enough and am delighted to have discovered him.

  • I consulted Pete because I was suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe neck & shoulder pains. Through gentle manipulation, massage & treatment with cranial osteopathy techniques Pete has helped me to regain my health, improve my energy & reduce my pain. I have no hesitation in recommending him as an osteopath.

  • He has worked on my back for many years and helped me greatly. He primarily works on my lower back but also takes time to consider the needs of the whole body. I have seen him at very short notice when I have been in great pain and also see him regularly as part of an ongoing programme to keep me moving! I would recommend him and his work wholeheartedly.

  • I first visited Pete when suffering from increasingly debilitating pain in my shoulder which was not responding to treatment with compresses and anti-inflammatory. My first visit brought about vast reduction in pain levels and the second saw it disappear altogether.  I've continued my treatments on a bimonthly basis, bringing about a massive improvement in my neck movement and associated crepitation (crunching noises when moving joints) and I'm experiencing far less general back pain than before. I was somewhat nervous on my first trip to the clinic but I was instantly put at ease - Pete's manner is very friendly and he provides a very relaxing environment and some top-drawer conversation.  My only regret is not having sought his services somewhat sooner than I did.

    PeterSoftware Architect
  • I have been receiving treatment from Peter Andrews periodically over the past two years.  I have two bulging discs on my lower left side, mild scoliosis (curve) of the spine and on occasion suffer from stiff neck and shoulder pain. I felt immediately that Peter was in tune with my needs through continuous close discussion and tailored manipulation.  The treatment allows me to move more easily and I am now able to get on with my day to day life 'pain free' with vastly improved flexibility and comfort."

  • I have a chronic problem with my neck and shoulders, mainly caused through many years of office and computer work, and have found that the treatment by Pete has relieved it enormously, the stiffness and tightness is greatly reduced. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who needs similar help from an excellent osteopath



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